Re-Manufactured Oil Field Equipment List


We have been serving the oil fields for over 30 years, from the bottom to the top. We can supply just about any of your needs, be it a pair of gloves to a down hole pump.Our used equipment is checked and repaired and in good operating condition. We also deal in New equipment if you so desire.Check the listing on the left or just drop us a line (email) on what your needs are. You will be glad you did and check back often for more updates and added equipment.Address your request to Darrel at or Call Darrel @ 620-725-3520

Over 75 Years

We have over 75 years experience in the oil field and truck bed manufacturing. Folks know they can depend on an Economy Bed to work hard and look good for years to come.

Come and see why more and more folks are insisting on an Economy Flatbed for their new truck.